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StoryWorldMarketing is a new and exciting way
to market your business to not only attract more
customers but make them fans that keep coming back

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Story World Marketing Writing Services

“There are a million companies that will offer you their cookie cutter marketing solutions. But your business is unique. You are unique. Your business is not “cookie cutter.” So don’t accept “cookie cutter” marketing solutions in the effort to grow your business.

Story World Marketing is dedicated to shining a 200-mega-watt spotlight on the uniqueness of both you and your business. We strive to cultivate not only customers, but fans who return to your business again and again.”

The goal of our writing is to turn your customers into fans who keep coming back.

There are two main types of writing in today’s business world, Copywriting and Content writing. At SWM we do both in such a way to make people fans of your company and it’s products and services. That’s the difference between Story World Marketing and other marketing services. Our writing style adds a flare of drama that brings your business/products/services to life.

The end game is always more leads, customers, and sales for you.

What is Copywriting?

The copywriter constructs the sales pitch. This can come in many forms depending on the product, service, or brand of your business. Suffice it to say: A copywriter’s job is to create words that spur people into action so sales happen.

Or said differently…

The right words ignite Emotion. Emotion instigates Action. Action results in Sales. We call this the EAS Formula (“E” stands for Emotion. “A” for Action. “S” for Sales.)

What is Content writing?

Although content writing is similar to copywriting, it is different in that it doesn’t always go for a sale. It’s not advertising or promotion. It is more informational and even entertaining in nature and is designed to get the reader to fall in love with your brand.

With both copywriting and content writing the words must inspire and motivate people.

Our copywriting/content writing services include:

Advertising copy
Email content
Blog posts
Social Media posts
Elevator pitches
Naming products, services, or company name
Web copy
Product packaging copy
Article writing
One sheets
Product and service descriptions
Information packs
And more!