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Sell More Product Now!



  • Quality leads drying up?
  • People not responding to your ads like they should?
  • Not enough visitors to your website (or viewers of your ads) converting to leads?
  • Leads not rapidly converting to paying customers?
“It doesn’t matter what form of lead generation you use, how great your product is, or how
many marketing funnels you create.

Even if your advertising is free, you are not going to sell product unless you can break through the 2-Second Barrier.

What is the 2-Second Barrier?It’s the barrier prospects put up to mentally block out your message if it doesn’t hook them within 2 seconds!

According to research, your ads, social messages, videos, emails, any message you generate, will only get 2 seconds of a prospect’s attention.

Without a killer sales pitch that breaks through the 2-Second Barrier , hot prospects are slipping through your fingers and finding your competitors.

Using technology that you won’t find anywhere else; How to Break Through the 2-Second Barrier eBook  teaches you how to set deep emotional hooks in the hearts of potential customers so they respond to your message every time.

You will learn:

  • The number one reason people aren’t responding to your advertising, emails, videos and messaging as expected and what to do about it!
  • Nine powerful types of “2-second openings” that get noticed every time!
  • 3 ways to inject emotion in your advertisements, emails, social posts, videos, or any other type of message to trigger an immediate response!
  • 99 of the world’s greatest headlines listed for you to model your headlines after!
  • How to cut down your workload by replicating winning headlines from proven ads while still coming up with a fresh new look!
  • The 4 things you must avoid inyour messaging that drive people away!
  • How logic can fall flat—but emotion-generating copy wins every time!
  • When to use fear headlines and when not to use them—to achievemaximum impact with your message.
  • 67 proven, potent words that make your message jump off the page!
  • How to GO VIRAL by utilizing Universal Truths in your social media.
  • Proven Facebook ad phrases that get the most response!
  • How to communicate the benefits of your product so they sizzle even when your product or serviceisn’tinherently bursting with “sex appeal!”

The 2-Second Breakthrough Technology found in this book can help improve every type of messaging your business engages in, including:

All types of advertising
Social Media
Email marketing
Any and all messaging!

Normally How to Break Through the 2-Second Barrier eBook  is $19.99 but with the free download of The Blockbuster Brand eBook  you pay only $9.95. The information in this book could quickly change the trajectory of your business. Again, it is only$9.95 if you order it right now!

Money back Guarantee

“The How to Break Through the 2-Second Barrier eBook comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. If for any reason you find that the information in this book is not helpful in boosting the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising you may return it for a
“free refund”.