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How to Attract More Customers Using the Same Proven Formula that Hollywood Producers Use to Attract Fans to Hit Movies!

How many people looked at your website, your ad, or your landing page and then moved right on to the next thing competing for their attention? 

The problem: People today are suffering from MESSAGE OVERWHELM. The average person is exposed to between 2 and 4 thousand advertisements per day! Your brand (and messaging) that is supposed to bring you leads and customers can get lost in this murky sea of communication.

The solution: To stand out in the crowd, your brand must communicate a laser-focused message that instantly makes your service or product shine and also resonates with the prospect in a unique and captivating way.

Proven 4-step formula. Hollywood has mastered the art of attracting attention and getting audiences clamoring for more. Moviemakers like Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard use a specific story-marketing technique to achieve this.

Now you can utilize the same story-marketing technique that great Hollywood writers use to cut through the market glut and attract customers to your business. The eBook, Blockbuster Branding reveals this innovative technique with a simple 4-step formula.

The 4-step formula revealed in Blockbuster Branding helps achieve the following when applied:

  • Tells customers why your business should be chosen over the competition!
  • Makes your brand or product stand out in the crowd!
  • Triggers emotion in prospects to desire your brand or products!
  • Prompts prospects to believe and trust in your brand and products!Boasts a supreme benefit of your brand or product that most appeals to prospects!
  • Invigorates your team to get on the same page and achieve greater productivity!
  • Provides the public with a laser-focused, clear message so you stand out in their mind!
  • Removes any confusion with your messaging!
  • Becomes a calling card for your business!
  • Helps access funding for your business if needed.

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    The Blockbuster Branding eBook stamps a theme on your brand or products that resonates with customers and can be used in every aspect of your business.

    About the Author…

    “Jim Valko has done something exciting and needed in the field of marketing. He has mixed the unique aspects of storytelling with the most important fundamentals of traditional marketing to give birth to a whole new way of branding a business, a method that can give clarity and excitement to your brand.” 

    Richard Doherty, Founder/CEO, Scaleup Consulting

    “All you have to do is give Jim an idea as to where you are trying to go and he will produce results that will water your eyes, he’s that good!” 

    Gregg Sturdevant
    Major General (Retired), USMC
    Founder/CEO, Mission Critical Leadership So

    “Jim Valko has helped me with critical jobs in my company. His experience in marketing, business and copywriting allows him to see the big picture so that he can write what’s right, and what people will read and respond to.”. 

    Karla Jo Helms
    CEO, JOTO Public Relations

    “When it comes to marketing, I trust Jim Valko completely. Something I can’t say about others. I routinely refer my clients to Jim that need marketing help, be it help with branding, market research, copywriting, or overall strategic planning. Jim is an especially brilliant copywriter who can take a broad concept and reduce it down to powerful messages that have impact and spur people into action.”

    Joe Yazbeck
    CEO, Prestige Leadership Solutions. Author, No Fear Speaking

    “Jim Valko is a messaging and marketing guru.”

    Ron Bernstein, VP NuLean Inc.