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out of your Business

StoryWorldMarketing is a new and exacting way
to marking your business to not only attract more
customers but make then fans that keep coming back

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Story World Marketing Research

“There are a million companies that will offer you their cookie cutter marketing solutions. But your business is unique. You are unique. Your business is not “cookie cutter.” So don’t accept “cookie cutter” marketing solutions in the effort to grow your business.

Story World Marketing is dedicated to shining a 200-mega-watt spotlight on the uniqueness of both you and your business. We strive to cultivate not only customers, but fans who return to your business again and again.”

One of the deadliest mistakes a business can make is launching a marketing campaign, or even spending money on advertising, without first doing market research to learn:

1. What public will be most interested in your product or service.
2. The specific needs and wants of that public relating to your product or service.
3. The emotional buttons of people who may be interested in your product, so that
when you “push those buttons” with your messaging a person will be likely to buy.

Story World Marketing specializes in market research that produces emotional responses by asking specific emotion-generating questions. These emotional responses can then be used to create colorful and impactful messaging for your product or service.