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StoryWorldMarketing is a new and exciting way
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“People don’t like to be sold, but stories they like to be told.”

Story World Marketing goes beyond just telling a story about your business. Story World Marketing is about your business being THE story.

When a person comes in contact with your business or its products, be it through social media, advertising, live communication or a video, they are ENTERING YOUR BUSINESS WORLD.

The question is, how do people respond to your business world. Are they inspired? Do they feel a flicker or even a rush of emotion? Do they have an “Ah-ha” moment? Do they want to return often? Most of all, are they put in a mood to spend money?

Story World Marketing seeks to accomplish all of the above by utilizing nine specific story telling techniques that master story tellers use to create blockbuster movies.


Stories are in our DNA. Since cavemen sat around a campfire, stories have not only served to entertain us, but helped and inspired us to survive as a species.

However, telling a story about your business (service or product) only utilizes a fraction of the potential power that story has to offer.

See, everyone’s got a story. There is nothing unique about it. You don’t want to just tell another story. You want your business to BE the story.

The way this is achieved is by the skillful application of story world techniques to your business. These techniques are the secret sauce that makes Hollywood movies irresistible—and can make your business irresistible as well.


Movies and your business have something remarkably important in common. They both come to life on a SCREEN!

Think about it; today, because of the internet, the medium used to present your story to the world is a screen, just like the medium for Stephen Spielberg to present his stories is a screen. So why not use the same story world techniques to bring your business to life that Spielberg uses to bring a movie to life?

The good news is you can. We call the utilization of these nine story world techniques, Story World Marketing!

Story World Marketing is not about flashy videos, or computer graphics or expensive movies, rather, it’s about utilizing key story telling techniques to spark emotion in people with strategic messaging, often accomplished by copywriting, social interaction as well as audio and video enhancements for your business.

What Story World Marketing can do for your business:

  • More qualified leads!
  • Increased Word-of-mouth advertising!
    More repeat purchases.
  • Greater excitement generated about your business or products!
  • Increased website traffic, leads, call-ins, and sales.
  • Your business starts growing at the pace you know it’s capable of.
  • People don’t go “price hunting” after visiting your website or contacting you!
  • You and your staff are more excited about your business than ever before—and when you’re excited customers will get excited!


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